Dec 23, 2012


If you ever came to visit, help, live for short or long term or rest, feel free to write a comment or impression of your stay. A simple question would be " What comes to your mind when you think about the Mount of Oaks?"

We would like to gather your thoughts and comments.

Thank you !!!


  1. Belas fotos.
    A "terra" está a ficar mais bonita.
    Votos de um bom ano novo.
    Deus vos guarde e abençoe.
    1 abraço,

  2. Did a Permaculture Course in 2010? Or maybe 2009? Anyway, had a lovely time, living outdoors, getting to know the route to my bed so I could do it in the dark with out tripping! Felt such joy at living outdoors, pooing outdoors, bathing, reading, eating, learning outdoors, felt great. Also felt terribly fond of the other course participants by the time I left. Where are you all now?!

    Also made a trip Nov 2011, during which I was a miserable git, because I wasn't feeling well, and youse were very patient with me... :o) Thanks Guys, well done on all the hard work, I love the innovations, and the feeling of constant steady develpoment. Youse rock.

    Miriam x

  3. Hello! Tom and me came to you in April 2009. I was recovering from being ill for a while and loved resting and being at the land, with Emma and Barbara, Ulli, the Jones family, Ton... lots of people passing through to share food and sit around the fire with. It was a great time! We swam in the pond, watching the broom blossom in all its glory, and ate oranges.
    ahhhh such a special place and people. Thank you, it's been great to read your news and your plans. Many blessings

    Hannah k

  4. Oh Emma, Ba, how I loved stumbling upon this what you've created; beautiful photos, dreams, thankfulness. Smells and feelings of my short stay with you come flowing back. You are in my heart so much. I love how you put Spirituality first, you encourage me, inspire me and remind me of my priorities, just by being what you are. May we grow stronger in the Spirit together. Forever loving you, from your brother james, Duruxa.
    Ps. Can't wait to see those trees blossoming! We are blessed by your oil every day.

  5. hi folks,
    at first sorry for my english. it might sound not very nice in your ears =)
    the first time i visited the mount of oaks in 2008. a few months before, i did the camino de santiago and when i came back to germoney, it was somehow strange for me. after nearly 2months of quietness and nature, everything was feeling stressfull,loud etc..i ´m sure, you know what i mean. i was sure, that i could not live in this way after this expieriences on the i searched in the internet for comunities and found in the linklist of a friends blog "barbara portugal". i was reading the blog and after a very short time i knewed: i need to go there :-)
    so i wrote an email to barbara and the answer was "you are welcome. you have a home here. just let me know when you arrive, that i can pick you up." greeeeeeaaaaat
    a few weeks later, in the middle of october i came to the land and baba picked me up. yeah. but not just that, she gave me a phonenumber for a place to sleep and a shuttletaxi from the trainstation to there.
    on the next day, i startet to the land.
    when i saw baba´s car, i thought "they dont have something like "TÜV" in portugal =)
    i felt very welcomed in every single moment i´ve been guest there.
    it was a very healing and blessed time for me between oliveharvest, cooking, chopping wood, talking/philosophing with ton, walking to the village with and without huckyboy, picking and eating oranges from the tree in december, worship, prayer and relaxing in the gods shelter, having fun with bella, the figgtreeclimbing, crazyforballsdog. i will also not forget the open and friendly hearts of carly, rosie&josh. i´m often thinking of you..

    3years later, it was time for me to come back to this special place. i had a hard mental time and so it was very great for me to have a place to go and to be. a place, with loving, openhearted people like baba and emma...and all the visitors i met. everyone was special. i will never forget joseph with his "here comes the sun"
    when she came
    after days of rain.
    =) great guy!
    after this 3years it was nice to see how things were growing in this time. a living place. great. it looked a bit wildered, but that was normal after the long marriagetrip =) baba did a great job in thornsfighting :)

    the new toilet is also very great. much more comfortable than before ;-)

    i will come back. sure.
    much love, to my sisters ba&ma and to all you friends and visitors of the mount of oaks.
    may god bless you all!!


    P.S.: an alle die der deutschen sprache mächtig sind und gerne ausführlicheres über "mein erstes mal in portugal" lesen möchten, hier der link zu n paar eindrücken von damals:

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